A God Walked Amongst Them And There Were Consequences – part one

So, here it goes.

Ever wonder how a story happens? Where the idea comes from? This story, which is part one, came to be as I happened upon a concert film of Elvis Presley shown on TCM. Since I was a headbanger (thank you cousin Brendy! If it wasn’t for you, I’d probably be listening to One Direction,Lady Ga-Ga, or even, gulp, that Beiber fuck), I wasn’t even remotely interested In Elvis, or The Beatles, Bowie,or John Denver, so I watched to see what all the fuss was about. It was when he sang Love Me Tender,and began to kiss the women that the title popped in my head A God Walked Amongst Them And There Were Consequences. I thought, hmmm, what does that mean? And while I watched, the story unfolded in my brain. Contrary to belief, I am not really a writer. Oh, I get these ideas, but, ladies and gentlemen (or, Lady, and, gentleman) I cannot translate those stories in my head into written form. Trust me when I say that they are so much better, richer, more horrifying, than what I write down.
Hopefully I didn’t put you off reading the story, however. Be warned, though, it is explicit.
Thanks to Les for inviting me to author a story on his blog. Read his stuff.
Now, on with the show

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Big Dance Productions And Out Of Control Fireworks.

That’s what this blog was founded on. Bollywood meets Armageddon.

Sure, I bugger about and trip over cables, but here in the safety of my own home, where I have solid relationships with a gerbil and a freaked-out Inner Child named Sabrina, I read more than I write. In finding stuff I like reading I hunt through bookstores and second hand shops, but I also do what you do. Unspeakable things to myself. Ahem. Read other blogs. There are gold and diamond mines out there. I’m finding them, one blog at a time.

So, it’s always been a trait of mine that I invite guest writers to post their stuff on my page. That’s where the Bollywood big dance productions come in. Sometimes, it also involves out of control fireworks. I don’t edit what those guests write and I don’t dump their stuff unless it goes a step or fifty too far into describing genuine atrocities: harm against children, sex trade stuff; the kinds of things we should all be horrified by.

So now, Ada Ireland http://unashamedwriting.com and Bob the Wordless https://simplyterriblewriter.wordpress.com are invited Authors. They can publish directly and, being complete lunatics, they’ll probably wait until I’ve passed out from fatigue.

I hope you enjoy their stuff as much as I’m completely freaked out by it. Just like the stories in my head, this blog has multiple voices.