No Angels In Heaven.

“Where did that come from?” I asked Lin. She simply smiled and pointed up at the sky. “I get it, it all comes from the Presence, but specifically, where did that come from?” I tried again.

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Lost In Transit.

In this next part of what’s sort of become known as the Soul Keeper series, I wanted to introduce some of the beauty and mysticism of my homeland, Wales (Cymru to the Welsh among us). So, the story includes names of places unreadable and unpronounceable to anyone other than the Welsh or those who speak it. Make up your own pronunciation; it’s just a story. 🙂 You can, however, check Google Maps and Images to see more of some of the places mentioned; they’re real.

In this story, Dafydd (David in English) the Soul Keeper, undertakes journeys. One is physical and the other, well, you’ll see. This is a transitioning story, in that it sets the scene for a more important setting in the story after this.

Here’s where it began. The Soul Keeper.

Then there was this. Because I Said I Would.

Followed by this. The Disobedient Soul Keeper.

And now there’s this.


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The Disobedient SoulKeeper.

This is an odd sort of story and it feels unfinished to me, but I’m still recovering from the workweeks from hell, so this is all I have. It’s a continuation in the theme of Soul Keepers and the Presence, which I’ve written about before. In this one, however, I wanted to explore the downside of an involuntary spiritual awakening.

I wanted the character to struggle with the differences in perception between doing what’s right and doing what appears right. So, this story is a little dark, unforgiving, and unresolved.

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Because I Said I Would.

I wrote this short last night as a sort of apology to myself for skimming through the last instalment of the Dylan trilogy. I was tired, and Evie is a character I just can’t generate any enthusiasm for, but I’d put her into play so I had to do something to resolve her.

I like this one. Just when I wanted to sleep, there it was, so I went with it. I hope you enjoy it, too.

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Dogs Of War.

A short I had the idea for a few years ago but that didn’t really come to me until today while I was out for a walk. I think this one might surprise you. Enjoy.

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This short came about via Thumbup posting about ‘Petrichor’, which is a pleasant smell that frequently accompanies the first rain after a long period of warm, dry weather. This is a slight divergence from the recent trilogy that began from Souldier Girl’s image and poem, and which unleashed Unlocked on an unsuspecting and largely oblivious public. This one is more metaphysical and comes with a warning:


The idea for that came from painkills2.

She likes to write about really distressing stuff that I can’t bring myself to read much but which mostly needs to be written. Others might find their names slightly modified, as referential characters.

Here’s Petrichor.

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