They’d been through a lot together, and there was still some way to go. After the GFC things became difficult, and then they became dire, but in a world that had become uncertain there was one thing the man could hold onto for hope.

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The Journey Without Distance.

So, this is a sort of prequel to the Dylan and Evelyn stories.

1. I Will Not Be That For You


2. Not What I Expected


3. Everything I’d Hoped For


4. Because I said I Would


I just can’t work up any enthusiasm for Evie so once again I’ve made her a bit player, a reference point, to tell the background story of Dylan. Hopefully, it fills in a few gaps about how Dylan came to care so ‘quickly’ for Evie. There’s also some stuff about the Presence, because that seems to capture peoples’ imaginations.


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Everything I’d Hoped For.

This short is the conclusion to:

Not What I Expected


and the first story I Will Not Be That For You


In the first story I only wrote it as an exercise, to see where I could take a character I’d been thinking about for a while. That received hugely positive reviews from, let’s see, 4,5, about 6 people, and a few questions came up about the future of the character, Dylan, that I was a bit curious about, too.

So, in the second story I gave him a girlfriend, because I wondered how or even if he’d handle it. I thought Evelyn was a bit two-dimensional, but I wasn’t very enthusiastic about writing her. I saw her as being a simple progression character there to extend the character of Dylan.

I see this stuff differently to you folks. To me, these are just experiments in writing but to you, you weepy, whiny fuckers 😀 these characters take on a life of their own. Thanks for that.

Having felt that I didn’t do much with Evelyn, and given that you seem to like her and care about her and Dylan, I thought I’d write a little backstory to fill in some of the gaps. This is it. I think their story isn’t over yet, and to resolve that I was going to throw in a few big dance numbers and a spectacular fireworks display at the end. However, I must be getting old and all squidgey around the edges, because I’ve decided to leave them alone and let them make their own future, instead of returning once more to the impossibility of a beautiful and lasting relationship.

So, here we are. You got your happy ending, you fuckers. 😀

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Something Special.

She was really something special, everyone said so. It didn’t come easily for her and it wasn’t natural, either. Hours and days of dedicated practice melded into weeks and months of specialist training, and what little time she had left was spent in fending off wandering hands and deflecting crass sexual innuendo.

Tara had completed her military service honourably but with a lack of progression through the ranks; it was still a boys and their toys world. From there, she joined the force and began trying to work her way into a specialist position, which had only months ago become a reality. She was now a sharpshooter in an emergency response team.

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The spotlights died and the dim illumination that replaced them signalled that a softer song was coming. It was one she’d been practicing for weeks, there in the studio after all her other songs in the set had been fine tuned.

“This song comes from a beautiful little movie called ‘Once’, Ingrid said to her audience. “It’s bittersweet and haunting, and I hope you enjoy it.” She knew her audience and she knew they’d love it. This kind of song had given her career its lift, back when getting a gig and singing to three disinterested people was obviously not getting her anywhere.

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Uncommon Beauty VI.

Resolution. This is the last part. Up front, I’m not sure I liked the ending but it is unexpected. No spoilers, though. Thanks to everyone who followed this. What began as a single short grew into 6. Here are the others. Perhaps in a few days I’ll tell you the backstory to this. In some ways I think it’s much more interesting than the one I wrote.






“So that’s how you trash your own life! Why don’t they teach this stuff in school?” Hayden thought. Not only was he out of a job – one he really liked and was good at – he was being bombarded by the psycho-bitch-troll-from-hell and being studiously ignored by the police. “It doesn’t get much better than this,” he thought, sourly. “Living the dream, dude. Living the dream.”

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Heartbreak Circle.

Shitsuren sākuru 失恋サークル (Heartbreak Circle).

With a deep and heartfelt bow of reverence to:

  • Star Trek’s ‘Kobayashi Maru’ コバヤシマル (Kobayashi’s Circle),
  • John Donne (For Whom The Bell Tolls),
  • William Henley (Invictus), and especially to
  • Ada Ireland (Break My Heart Thoroughly), here’s a bittersweet love story.

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Being A Hottie Will Only Get You So Far.

I know this from actual experience, because I was one. Don’t laugh; it’s true. I said it’s true, fuck you.

Now, with the passing of the decades, I’m no longer hot. I have to rely on outrageous cuteness and an incisive wit. Okay, mostly on the cuteness thing. In a Yoda sort of way.

So, anyway. Today I’m going to talk to you about my accountant and his wife, because I just got a call from each of them, following my as usual bizarre email replies to them.

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It’s Not Me, It’s You.

So, today I woke up with a strong and pervasive dose of ‘the miserables’. The only thing worse than having you in my life is not having you in my life. How dare you not be at my beckon call! You selfish turd.

Well, after pacing around like a pissed off panther for hours and being totally fed up with my own company, as hard as that is to believe,  I decided to punish you by going out and having a whale of a time. On my own. All by my own self, with no one to look after me or care about me. Alone. Not to labour the point or anything.

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Looking For Jane.

Avid readers of this blog will know that yesterday Ada Ireland posted a great little story called ‘Miss Boring Died Today’.


I f you haven’t already done so, read that first, or this story won’t make sense to you. ‘Looking For Jane’ was just a bit of fun I had while Miss Ireland was racking up 20 years of much-needed beauty sleep overnight. She likes surprises, so I very thoughtfully sent her one. This.

To be fair and honest, there are a few disclaimers.

The ‘statistical’ stuff was googled one sleepless night a year ago.

The silly names were inspired by a Rowan Atkinson skit he performed decades ago.

The Latin and translations came directly from Handy Latin Phrases.

The motivation was provided by my friend, and hopefully now yours, Ada Ireland of http://unashamedwriting.com

Please visit her and leave a comment. She lives for them. And I’m the only one who ever comments over there so, strangely, she lives for me, if you see what I mean. 🙂

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Miss Boring Died Today


My friend and colleague, Ada Ireland, posted this short story to her blog today. Seeing as my blog has so many visitors 😀 I thought I’d get the word out.

PS. Because a Post Script is also a Power Statement.

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Running From Safety.

After (very thankfully) a lot of years on the planet I’ve only quite recently come to know and understand a part of myself that was a mystery. It’s about fear, and I really never noticed how fearful people are. A small comment here, a nervous tic there, a fully loaded seat of the pants on that roller coaster you really thought you wanted to go on, and etc. For people like us, who have so many of the luxuries existence can offer, we have so many fears, foibles, anxieties, and near-misses on the seat-of-the-pants-filling side of things.

When it occurred to me how much of my life was controlled by secret fears I began wondering how I ever got this far, and then it hit me, just like people who know me would like to do if they thought they could get away with it.

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Stay With Me.

My new friend and source of inspiration, Ada Ireland, http://unashamedwriting.com/break-my-heart-thoroughly-a-poem/ wrote a beautiful poem: ‘Break My Heart Thoroughly.’ Ada and I had decided – okay, I hassled her into it – to do a short story that was no-holds-barred.

So far, I’ve uploaded a lot more dark stories than the lighter ones I’ve written. That tradition is sort of going to continue with this story, but I’lll get to the sweeter ones later, I promise. Before launching into this one I’ll just note that some years ago I used to do mixed media stories. I’d find a song I liked on YouTube and I’d write a backstory to it. I’ve done that here. If you’re interested in experiencing this mix there’s an intended format. Please read the story first and then play the video. To do it the other way around will spoil the intended effect, and I’d like you to ‘get’ this as I intended it. Humour me; it’s not going to cost you anything but a little self-regulation and patience.

Here’s the vid link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6pDBuPK0_DU&list=RD6pDBuPK0_DU

So, here’s ‘Stay With Me.’

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Free Tibet.

I think this short story was written in 2008. I had lived in China for some years previously, but it was a few years after leaving before I could even think of it without bitterness. I had met a really nice Canadian couple in my travels who had been to Tibet, and the man told me he’d been a pilot in the Korean War. I wrote this as an exercise in voicing disapproval without becoming a ranting maniac, and once again in practicing writing about love and tragedy.

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