Dogs Of War.

A short I had the idea for a few years ago but that didn’t really come to me until today while I was out for a walk. I think this one might surprise you. Enjoy.

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Madeline. A Chuck Wendig Challenge #1.

Here’s my first dubious contribution to the latest Wendigism.

The Challenge was to write a story from a first line provided by someone else. I chose Brenna Faye’s opening sentence for this story, which is long at around 3,300 words but which can be read simply as Part 1 if you prefer. Thanks to Brenna for the inspiration and Chuck for the Challenge.


“Let go of the past,” Madeline’s mother had always warned her, “for it feeds upon us all with great appetite, and wants to live again.”

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Big Dance Productions And Out Of Control Fireworks.

That’s what this blog was founded on. Bollywood meets Armageddon.

Sure, I bugger about and trip over cables, but here in the safety of my own home, where I have solid relationships with a gerbil and a freaked-out Inner Child named Sabrina, I read more than I write. In finding stuff I like reading I hunt through bookstores and second hand shops, but I also do what you do. Unspeakable things to myself. Ahem. Read other blogs. There are gold and diamond mines out there. I’m finding them, one blog at a time.

So, it’s always been a trait of mine that I invite guest writers to post their stuff on my page. That’s where the Bollywood big dance productions come in. Sometimes, it also involves out of control fireworks. I don’t edit what those guests write and I don’t dump their stuff unless it goes a step or fifty too far into describing genuine atrocities: harm against children, sex trade stuff; the kinds of things we should all be horrified by.

So now, Ada Ireland and Bob the Wordless are invited Authors. They can publish directly and, being complete lunatics, they’ll probably wait until I’ve passed out from fatigue.

I hope you enjoy their stuff as much as I’m completely freaked out by it. Just like the stories in my head, this blog has multiple voices.

‘WaspZilla.’ Chuck Wendig Image Challenge #3

With so many good images to choose from it’s hard to pick just one, so here’s the third.

This one was ‘WaspZilla’, contributed by Kristin at

*Note: Because this comes with multiple warnings I attempted to ask Kristin (twice) if she was okay with strong content, but her blog kept eating my comments. I toned the story down from the original, but it’s still pretty full-on. Kristin did say on her blog that she wanted a story that’d give her nightmares, so I hope this fills the bill.



Strong horror warning. Catastrophic injuries warning. Strong violence warning. Environmental disaster warning.



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Chuck Wendig’s Image Challenge. ‘The Welsh Dragon’.

Wendig’s at it again, and so am I. Here’s the Challenge.  The image I chose to write to is of some Standing Stones in Wales. Jana Denardo supplied the image here: The name of my story is ‘Y Ddraig Goch’ (The Welsh Dragon). Enjoy. Continue reading

Free Tibet.

I think this short story was written in 2008. I had lived in China for some years previously, but it was a few years after leaving before I could even think of it without bitterness. I had met a really nice Canadian couple in my travels who had been to Tibet, and the man told me he’d been a pilot in the Korean War. I wrote this as an exercise in voicing disapproval without becoming a ranting maniac, and once again in practicing writing about love and tragedy.

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