The Heist on Silver Knights Bank. Chapter 2. (Fanfic)

This is a fanfic based on one of my favourite emerging writers, Addy.

His story began here, with The Heist of the Silver Knights Bank.

Below is my fanfic ‘next chapter’. Enjoy.

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Trickle Into Me / Regenesis.

This begins with a poem written by Souldier Girl.

There are so many things to like about it, and it gave me an idea so I wrote a short fanfic underneath the poem. The idea that hit me was about time travel, so my story begins at the end at the end of this poem and works its way back to the beginning.

Here’s SG’s ‘Trickle Into Me’. Followed by my interpretation: Regenesis.

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Archimedes: Firefly Fanfic.

This is my first shot at fan fiction, in a way. It’s an extract from a novel I wrote a few years ago, ‘Atmospheric Burn’, and has been slightly reworked to fit into the Firefly and Serenity cult stories created by Joss Whedon. This version of the story is set in the time just before full-blown war between the Independents (Browncoats) and the Alliance. I hope you enjoy.


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