Wendigism #1,523,468.235

Fan rant follows.

Chuck Wendig, author and blogger extraordinaire, has this to say on the subject of writing the book you have inside you.


For those who like to write, if you could only read one really helpful article this year decade lifetime, this is the one. I’m a huge fan of El Wendigo, which is why I buy his books. Buying the first one is applause for the author. Buying subsequent ones is a standing ovation.

I’m steely-eyed when it comes to reading ‘advice’ from people who think they know how to do everything but can’t get other people to buy their books. Most of what they write about writing is obvious, pretentious, or just plain bullshit. So, I’m not a fan of writers trying to tell others what they should or shouldn’t do, when they don’t take their own advice. Fuck them. I have nothing against the horse they rode in on, though.

Go read what Wendig just wrote. The man deserves a statue like Rocky Balboa had, although it’d probably need pen and paper rather than boxing gloves, less hair, and maybe a bit of a paunch.