The Heist on the Silver Knights Bank. Chapter 4.

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Writing chapter for chapter with Addy is more fun than should be legal. Enjoy. Addy, over to you.

Kinētikos stood its ground, its internal systems emitting barely audible clanking and whirring sounds as it assimilated VeeTwo. The guards were both morbidly curious and viscerally horrified, mesmerised by this strange turn of events. The more confident, or foolhardy, eased closer to the giant man-machine, until the heat radiating out of the ground and in the air became blistering and intolerable. Wrongly, they thought their nauseated feelings were caused by the smell of VeeTwo’s cooking flesh.

Without a word, Kinētikos raised one massive foot, loudly planting it down and then lifting the other as it moved forward, toward the Outer Gate of the Keep. “Where are you going?” a lieutenant called, his voice breaking in fear and uncertainty. Short hissing sounds, like compressed steam escaping through a stopcock, marked the turning of Kinētikos’ head as it slowly looked at what had made the sound. It’s dead eyes stared down at the lieutenant, as if it was regarding him as a strange new bug. Silently, it turned its head forward and it began its progress again.

“Where are you taking VeeTwo?” the lieutenant called, his voice still shaky but trying to emulate authority. Kinētikos, if he registered the ongoing existence of the lieutenant at all, ignored him completely. “Where are you taking VeeTwo?” the soldier called, his voice now loud and strong. He was walking a parallel line with Kinētikos until the walls of the Keep began circling in as they came closer to the Gate. Frustrated, he now yelled: “I said …”

Steam and sparks sprang from Kinētikos as he swivelled at lightning speed. “I heard what you said!” his voice boomed. He swivelled back and kept walking. “Guards! To me! Protect the Keep!” the lieutenant yelled. This was madness. He was calling the soldiers to come on guard in preparation for an attack on Kinētikos. As Kinētikos passed under the Gate, clearing it by mere inches, it ignored the order to stop.

The guards were so tightly wound up by the enormity of events that when the order came to attack, it began before the word was fully out. The air buckled and bent as the disruptive charge of the sonic cannon was unleashed, the force hitting Kinētikos fully in its back. It stopped dead in its tracks, and in the seconds that followed silence was complete. Small jets of steam sprang from its neck, and then from its shoulders and hips.

Its hands turned, palms out, and although everyone was surprised that Kinētikos had survived a blast from the most fearsome handheld weapon known, they believed it was surrendering. They were wrong. With blinding speed its head swivelled a full 180 degrees, followed by its torso. Highly compressed steam sprang from its palms and leapt the distance to the guards. They didn’t even have time to scream before they were cooked alive. Kinētikos then emitted some sort of vibrational energy. The air thickened with it, and the heated bodies of the guards exploded in millions of raindrops of blood and matter.

Swivelling back to its original position the machine stilled for a few seconds before continuing its march toward the cliffs and the winding path that led to the base. Kinētikos seemed completely disinterested in the remaining soldiers, which was true. An intelligent machine, its kind were a race apart from human, Ruled and Unruled. They were of no import and as long as they offered no threat Kinētikos was oblivious to their existence and concerns.

Arriving at the edge of the cliff it stopped, and a loud humming began, running up the sound register to a high-pitched whine before it leapt beyond the hearing capabilities of all sentient beings. Electricity arced up from the ground and ran along Kinētikos’ body. The ground seemed to wither and dry, as if the life force held within it had been syphoned out. The air around the machine thickened and swirled, and a loud crack took everyone by surprise. Kinētikos took one steep forward, out into the air, and the dead weight of the machine saw it drop the hundred paces, down into the deep frontage of the sea port.

The soldiers, en masse, raced to the cliff’s edge and looked over it. The thundering splash sent spray high into the air and then there came a burst of bubbles that calmed quickly. Fully half of the soldiery expected Kinētikos to surface but in that their expectations were disappointed. The sea surface calmed and that was the end of their first encounter with a Silver Knight.


As the sun began setting Kinētikos’ pace on the sea floor began slowing. While not powered by direct light, it used that energy whenever it was available. Now that the murkiness of the seabed was becoming consumed by darkness, Kinētikos switched power sources. Two hundred paces above, on the surface of the sea, fishermen returning from the Deep Trench further out were surprised and then frightened by a trail of dead sea life that had risen, silver bellies up, to the surface. One enterprising boat met its doom when its skipper sailed across the emerging trail. The boat came to a standstill as all aboard died, their bodies emptied of the energy of life. The Cursed Strait received its name that night, and for years after none would sail in the vicinity.

Kinētikos continued its unrelenting march along the seabed, emanating an energy before it that killed and flattened anything in its path, animate or inanimate. As day broke, the machine effortlessly powered itself and, displacing water, broke the surface of the sea. Looking up, its eyes emitted broad beams of dazzling light that spread out until they found what they had been searching for. The air crackled as trace particles from the Unruled  pirate ship’s power emissions sparkled and shone like a wide trail of silver confetti. Kinētikos now knew what direction the pirates had taken, and it sank to the depths again and began its march toward its target.

Two days later Kinētikos made first contact with one of the Unruled, a diver checking compression pipes. The diver died without understanding what it was that killed him. Tapping into the powerful volcanic vents and the raw energy they unleashed, the machine spent a full day bringing itself to maximum power. At the rising of the sun it began its trek again, this time into the lair of those who had stolen the coins-souls of his kind, the Silver Knights.


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