No, You’re Not Going Nuts.

Well, no more than usual. I had the first part of a longer story I called ‘The Queen’s Guard’ here. I just deleted it, and here’s why. It began as a simple idea but it’s taken on a life of its own. The more I write the next instalments the more I think I’m writing at the highest level of my ability. This is a story worth doing something with, so I’m going to be more careful with it. I’m also seriously thinking about making changes to it and turning it into a steampunk novella.

I started the story yesterday, and I wrote just over 7,000 words. The story isn’t close to being told and the steampunk idea could well turn it into 20,000 – 25,000 words or maybe more. When it’s done I might post it over on the private blog so you folks with access can tell me what you think. Apologies to those silent readers who came and looked, but I’ve said from the beginning that the stuff I post here is just for fun and practice. I don’t post the stuff out in the wild that I think is the best I can do.


6 thoughts on “No, You’re Not Going Nuts.

  1. No apologies needed!
    I can not tell a lie.
    Steampunk. Never ever heard or knew about it. Until you, Soulider Girl said it then Warjania, spelled horribly wrong I’m sure! I know her name is not that long but anyway, said it. And she said dirge so I went and googled and I’ll be so fucking darned!
    Written by Jules Vern?!!! I have read Journey to the center of earth and watched a show but never the steampunk thing!
    And DIRGE! WHAT? Never knew this! Fuck me! Learning something new everyday!

    • It’s Warjna, Sweetie, but I don’t think she’ll mind. I call her worse things. 🙂

      Steampunk influence is everywhere but it’s sometimes really subtle. I love it, and there are millions of amazing steampunk images on the web and also the ones on my private blog. Look through them. One of them is you as a steampunk. I love that pic.

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