Gotta Love Human Stupidity

America got it right. One giant leap.

Blackbird's Nest

Saw this on BuzzFeed just now…

I feel sorry for Canada if that much stupid decides to move there at once.


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3 thoughts on “Gotta Love Human Stupidity

  1. Yuh. Wait till they find out Canada ALSO supports gay marriage! And speaking of human stupidity, didja see the one about the minister who was going to set himself on fire as a protest? Go ahead, take yourself out of the gene pool. Sorry to be so very unsympathetic.

    • I feel sorry for these people. Often, they grow up on a diet of intolerance and ignorance, thinking the world is an unsafe place and the only thing that makes sense of it is the promise of a better life after they’re dead.

      I can’t see any particular differences between these Christian fundamentalists and the Muslim or other -name-the-belief ones. What the IS ones do by beheading is no less barbaric than shooting someone, in that the result is the same, is always messy, and always ends in someone else dying for failing to meet the high expectations of the killer. Madness.

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