Telephone Line

I originally threw this in when I started blogging here a few months ago, but I think it was buried in everything I uploaded that day. I like this story; always have done.


My second attempt at a love story. Inspired by a friend who asked me if I thought real love ever dies. I said I wasn’t sure if I’d fallen in love before, but I knew I’d trodden in it a few times. Writing this short story was a way to avoid the good slapping I no doubt deserved.

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2 thoughts on “Telephone Line

  1. Nice twist. I didn’t see that coming.

    True love doesn’t die. It becomes less urgent with time. We might even be able to put it away in an isolated part of our brain for a while and burn all bridges (aka destroy all synapses) but, when we want to bring back its memories and feelings, the brain re-wires itself and .. .voila, as Celine Dion puts it, “It’s all coming back to me now.”

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