About 5,000 words. I think I tinkered too much with this one because I lost interest in it at about the 90% mark. It probably shows. At least it worked as a distraction; a lot of good ideas for CogWorld came up while I was writing this.

Spiral <– Click here to open as a PDF. You’re welcome to save it if you like.

4 thoughts on “Spiral.

  1. PD
    Oddly enough, that Walt Kelly quote has been chasing me today, and for pretty much the same reason. I know my issues and my negative traits, and don’t quite know how to fix them or even if they’re fixable. I like your character because of it; he’s real. He’s no more broken than the rest of us, yet no less, and he’s trying to work out the problems that every one of us face.
    I like the title, too. It makes me think, “spiraling into control.” He’s awake now. I’m trying to wake up, but it’s hard. It’s really hard. And you’ve shown how one man got there. Good on you!

    • Thanks, W. I like ‘real’ characters. I think it’s why my first person stories always get the best responses, because people can identify with the mind chatter and uncertainty, and the unpredictability of others.

      What I liked the most was ‘his’ question: “What if I’m not wrong?” I think that’s the best question there is, because cultural norms can strip us of our identity, but that doesn’t mean they’re right.

      Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the feedback. Without it, we can feel we’re often talking to ourselves.

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