My Yesterday 

If I could write like this …

Souldier Girl

Did you ever even see me?
Did you ever even know?
you never asked
always seemed bored
distracted with fancies
passing glances
…behind your glasses
you never sought mygaze
I’m screaming!
…you’re turning the page
magazines and the tele
all you would rather be
not with me
not with me
wonder why you ever said “I do”
white seams split in lieu
…of the vows you promptly outgrew
steelknife through warmskin
tying laces on broken limbs
what a mess!
and you began to stew
and you began to feud knuckles swell with synovial rage
bang bang! …your beautiful punching bag
swings and hangs
they rescued me
…you never changed
your unwrapped fists
devoured promises
suffocating in between
…sullen layers of sunken skin.

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5 thoughts on “My Yesterday 

  1. Souldier Girl is a rare talent. Why we’re giving (paid) oxygen to poorly written and uninteresting shit when there are mixed media artists like her out there is beyond me. Her whole blog belongs in a high-end book on a bestseller’s list.

  2. I’ll give my three cents here (’cause I wanna be original and two cents ain’t doin’ it).

    1. I agree: this poem is an example of awesome writing.
    2. I disagree: you COULD and, in fact, have already written like that. Some of your writing is very … intense. Maybe it doesn’t rhyme, but it strikes a lot of chords.
    3. Here are some quotes I wrote down a while ago about uninteresting yet popular shit.

    “The world is prepared to praise only shit.” – William Gass (what a perfect last name for this quote, eh?)

    “I’m a lousy writer; a helluva lot of people have got a lousy taste.” – Grace Metalious

    Now stop whining and get back to writing. I want to read CogWorld before I die. I heard that it’s hard to read once you give up the ghost. I still need to find reliable sources to confirm that though.

    • I particularly enjoyed the bit where you well and truly told me off. It looks like you’ve grown a pair of balls lately. Just remember that with great balls comes great responsibility. Or something. That, and I might kick them.

      I just imagined you with a whip and body stocking. It was good for a laugh. Heehee.

  3. I write like that, y’know. Have you heard of multiple universes? Yup, the me that’s one sec away on another Earth, is writing up a storm, and actually describing stuff!
    Of course the me that’s one sec behind is in a shit load of trouble.

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