About moths.

So, this is what I get up to when I meet ‘interesting’ people. Yes, you lot have much room for improvement.


4 thoughts on “About moths.

  1. I wonder why they can’t fly during an earthquake? I mean, is it due to air pressure changes, or something simple and stupid like falling debris? And who measures that stuff, anyway?
    Yeah, PD, I know what you mean. Me, I get on Pinterest, and I’m doomed. And I take pictures of my strange little cat, who just this moment has poured down the side of the cushion next to me and dropped her head onto the desk where I’m working.

  2. Beg pardon. She just picked her head up and blinked at me, then stuck her head back down between the cushion and desk so it is dangling down onto my leg. Uh-oh, she heard me laugh. She just woke up and extricated herself like a caterpillar going backwards, climbed drunkenly onto the desk, and wobbled off. So endearing!

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