Because THIS Is Going To Work.

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Read on, fuckers!

Want to know why I don’t have this or similar here at Team Demented? Of course you don’t, which is why I’m going to tell you. If you were interested I wouldn’t say a word, fuck you.

Because the kind of pond scum who take without asking aren’t going to read that and have a sudden epiphany, and then spend the rest of their days walking the earth, chanting Govinda jaya jaya, gopala jaya jaya, and retracing their digital steps to apologise to those whose shit they’ve stolen. They are, succinctly, horrible bastards, and said horrible bastards don’t do things humans do. One of these days I’ll regale you with my Theory of Humans treaty. It’s fucking excellent, but now it’s late and I’m tired, so ner.

Earlier tonight, I can’t remember why, but I googled some shit I wrote back in 2003 when I lived in China. All the attributions had been stripped out and I’ve personally had four people over the years send it to me, not knowing I wrote it, and saying “Dude! This shit sounds like something you’d write!” Yep, because I did. Over on fuckfacebook later I found a bunch of missionaries – I kid you not, I’m not making this shit up – who stripped down my stuff and then took credit for it. And that right there is why I don’t bother. We don’t need protection from the honourable, and there’s no protection from the dishonourable.

For myself, if I’m not willing to lose it I don’t put it online unless it’s behind a pay wall. Just thought I’d throw that in, because tonight I finished ‘Spiral’ but I’m too tired / couldn’t be fucked to proof it. I changed the ending, so advance apologies to those I’d promised word porn, gratuitous sex scenes, and descriptive spanking to.


15 thoughts on “Because THIS Is Going To Work.

  1. Sadly, I think you’re right and putting up those words won’t keep people who would stoop so low as to just take other people’s creative property without credit from doing it. However, I believe that it still serves to put them up to raise awareness of the issue, even among those who wouldn’t do that in the first place, because… well, just to keep it fresh in their minds. IDK. But you’re also right that if we don’t want the things we write to end up where we wouldn’t like to see them, we have to also keep them from the places where we want them to be seen. It’s a give and take.

    • Hi manga! You’re looking well. And so is all that great writing of yours that I just knocked off, put my name to, and sold to the highest bidder in a publishing war that got nasty (guns and shit). 😀

      Yep, I think creative property is important and worth protecting, and really worth reminding people of, too, which in a roundabout way was why I wrote this post. For myself, I generally leave a lot of grammatical errors in my online stuff. If anyone wants to knock it off, they’re going to have to edit it for me. Then when I find it again, job done, and no editor’s fees. ;D

  2. That’s fucked ,dude. Missionaries? Christian Missionaries? Thou Shalt Not Steal. Simple as that.
    On the other hand I am currently writing NotCogWorld…
    Seriously, though, that’s sad.

    • Yep, missionaries. Whoever posted it pretty clearly implied he or she was the writer ‘inspired by’ someone who had given them my stuff. Fuck it; mine were funnier. And I’m busy writing NotNotCogWorld, having anticipated your gambit.

      Seriously, though, when I put it out in the wild I’ve already said goodbye to it. I very rarely reread what I’ve written, largely because it’s shit with little, if any, redeeming quality. If I look back at all it’s at the comments sections of blogs that have gone wild.

  3. PD, it so sucks that people do this shit. Not long after 9/11 I wrote a prayer for our soldiers. It used specifically non-denominational and non-Christian phrasing, so that Pagans and Muslims and Jews and Buddhists as well as Christians could comfortably use it. It wasn’t a week later that the prayer came back to my inbox all Christianized in one of those “prayer circles” along with that morally objectionable “if you don’t send this on within one hours you will have bad luck for the rest of forever” death threats. Morally enraged, I sent the email back to the person who passed it on to me, and copied them the _dated_ original email with the original version of the prayer, with the explanation of why I had written it the way I did, and requested that they forward it to the people who had sent it to them.
    Because I had protested the abortion of my poem, I was ostracized at work and vilified by the person I had considered my friend.
    BTW, I fucking HATE those goddamn death threat codicils to those stupid chain letters!
    You are so right that our only choice is to resign ourselves to our words being raped and plagiarized or to put them behind a pay wall. What the hell is wrong with this society, that anyone would think this is acceptable? And by those who purport to be morally superior to others. I dunno.
    In other news, congratulations on finishing “Spiral”! It’s good to know that _someone_ is able to write! Now that they’ve changed my meds I have a brain again, but I’m too busy trying to get a job to have time to “waste” on writing. It’s a serious bummer. Get some sleep. Get LOTS of sleep, and take your time proofing your brain child. You are the best!

    • Hiya Miss W! Well, I have a theory. As a matter of fact I have thousands of theories, but this is the one about why people do bad shit. Ready?

      They don’t know any better.

      They might understand that what they’re doing is wrong, but they don’t comprehend what that means. I can see I’m soon going to have to post Periodically Demented’s Theory of Humans and Homosapiens. It’s a fucked-up, insightful work of art meets science.

      On the sparkly gif, do-this-or-die stuff, I actually blocked my own sister from sending me shit like that after repeated warnings fell on deaf keyboards. It’s ugly, and manipulative, and just plain stupid and mean, but the PD Theory will demonstrate why we need to let it go and why they can’t. I’ll put it in the ever-growing chain of shit I have to post but don’t, because no one wants to read a barrage of stuff every day, even if it is written by me. Yeah, strange, I know. 😀

      And it’s only 5:30pm here so I’m not going to bed yet and you can’t make me. So ner. ‘Spiral’ is finished and has had a ‘PD edit’ but I’ve already reblogged twice today so I thought I’d given everyone a rest from having me blow up their mailboxes.

  4. I’m not getting into the “why?” and “how dare they?” debate here because I’m too tired, too lazy, and … you know … too nice. he he

    But, I will comment on your “I leave a lot of grammatical errors in my online stuff.” I read something tonight that made me think of it. Here it is:

    “There are two kinds of style: Mme de La Fayette’s and Balzac’s. The first if perfect in detail; the second works in the mass and even four chapters barely give an idea of its force. Balzac write well not DESPITE but BECAUSE of his errors in grammar.” – Albert Camus

    We already know you are prolific. We also know the you don’t give a flying … penny about grammar (or so you say). And I personally think that some of your writing is freaking awesome. Does that mean you have some French blood in you? That’s a very important question, by the way. We, Transylvanians, are very serious when it comes to blood matters. 🙂

    • It’s no particular secret that I honestly believe perfect grammar destroys creative storytelling. I think there should be enough so that the meaning is comprehensible, and not so much as to render the story unreadable.

      On the French thing, well, everyone knows the French are arseholes so, yes, i probably have a drop or bucketful here and there. Back in the far reaches of time the French Celts came into Wales and stayed, so I guess my bloodline goes back to that time around 5,000 or so years ago. I, however, am not a massive arsehole, so I can’t claim any particular Frenchness.

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