Not Now, But Soon.

I’m sort of not really busy fleshing out the characters for CogWorld. One of the things I like about fantasy is that you can let things get as fucked up as you can imagine, but if the story gels readers won’t only allow it, they’ll expect it. One of the reasons I’m not really busy writing CW is that some of my best ideas come when I’m doing something else, so I’ve been messing about with a story I’m tentatively calling ‘Spiral’. I think it’ll be about 6,000 words by the time it’s told. It’s a bit dark and there are shades of domination/submission later in the story, so it’ll have all the ‘Not Safe For’ labels applied, but as I’ve been writing it I’ve had a dozen completely fucked-up excellent ideas for CW. I want to tell you some of them because I’m so excited about them and I think you will be, too, but I’m not going to. Because fuck you. 😉

However, so that I don’t lose your interest completely I’d like to tell you a secret, and give you two shares.

The secret: I really like sneezing. It’s fun, it feels good, and I love making a ridiculously loud ah-choo! sound when I do it.

Two shares:

1. Go see grapefruitdoodles. Mad cool art. The more you look, the more you see.

2. Go see Some Bad Plankton. With a name like that, you just know it’s going to be good.

Both links are on the right of my home page. Over there –>


7 thoughts on “Not Now, But Soon.

  1. I read once that sneezing is like one tenth of an orgasm, in terms of the energy released from the body. It’s probably some meaningless bullshit someone wrote on the internet one time, but it’s the kind of bullshit I can get behind!

  2. I guess we’ll be reading a few “Spirals” before CW is done.

    I get bombarded by ideas all the time too. It gets worse when I’m already in the middle of a great story and new ideas come to me begging me to write them out. I don’t like begging though, so I shove them aside. (That’s not true, but I don’t want to show you exactly how messed up my brain is, so I like to pretend I have some control over it.)

    Looking forward to reading “Spiral”.

  3. I like sneezing, too, but I really hate sneezus interruptus. YOU know, when you get that itch behind your eyes, and your nose starts to twitch and wrinkle up, and you’re ALL READY for that really good sneeze—and then nothing happens. WTF? Or worse, when just as you’re about to sneeze somebody notices and says “Bless you!” just before, and scares it away. I HATE it when that happens!

  4. Hi Warjna. 🙂 You’re allowed to comment anywhere in here. WordPress makes the rules. If it were left up to me we’d all have purple crayons, orange spray paint, and waaay too much sugary shit. Then we’d all get naked and go nuts.

    On the sneezing thing, if mine are ever interrupted I still make the really loud ah-choo sound. I fake orgasms, too.

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