Avid readers of this blog (Hi Zee! Hi Warjna! G’day Bob! Oh, and, ummm … hi Ada 😀 ) will know that I’m as prolific as I am completely belligerent toward perfect grammar, pacing, ‘voice’, and giving a fuck about writerly things in general. Those things, while important, are not as important to me as loving what I’m writing.

Well, if I can keep my finger off the ‘post’ trigger, I’m going to work on what is, I think, a steampunk novella named ‘CogWorld’. My plan is to do this as a mixed media story, largely because steampunk is so highly detailed it’s easy to get bogged in descriptions that don’t advance the story. For that reason, at appropriate junctures I’m going to throw in a picture, so you can see rather than read.

I’m not sure I’m going to post the final here. Maybe I’ll upload it as a PDF and anyone who wants it can just download it. Dunno yet. I have another blog where CogWorld will soon be under construction. If you want to see how I build the world, and perhaps stick your beak in where its not wanted but might be useful, let me know and I’ll get the gears into motion. In the meantime, expect less prolificity (I invented a new word) here. Maybe.


10 thoughts on “CogWorld.

  1. Sounds awesome. I would see how it looks when you’re finished before deciding how you are going to show the world but seeing you other work, I look forward to seeing what you make.

    As for writing what you like. I myself love writing and would love to publish some work in the future but I failed English, have awful grammar and spelling and I run everything through a spell check, including facebook and twitter posts and this comment. But I still gonna write 😀

    good luck!!

  2. Soooo … I get a smiley fast next to my name? I’m sure that means you love me best, NOT that I’ve been the laziest reader of your blog. LOL
    CogWorld sounds like a great idea.
    Blogging is fun and very easy to get “sucked” into, at the very least because of the almost instant rewards and feeling of accomplishment it provides – eg.. “Oh, look, I spent one hour writing today and I have a blog post that 25 people read” vs. “Darn, I spent five hours writing today and all I have is one thousand words in a crappy first draft that might or might not make it in the next draft. In other words, I have one thousand words that someone might or might not read, might or might not like, might or might not give a … penny about.” You get the idea. Yep, blogging is fun, but you have to put it on the back burner if you want to write a novel and get it published ante-mortem. (Did I invent a new word also? :D)
    I still think you should blog now and then. Two posts a week let’s say. That’s what I’ll try to do on my own blog.
    P.S. I want to stick my beak into CogWorld (just figuratively speaking, mate. Literally, I’m very fond of my beak and I ain’t stickin’ it nowhere.) Sign me up!

  3. I ask most people to call me “Your Highness”. I’ll let you get away with “pushy broad” though ’cause, ya know, you put a big smiley face next to my name. 😀

  4. Cogworld. See, that doesn’t do it for me. How about CogEarth, or, CogLookslikeEarthbut reallyisn’tbecausewhentheymakethemovietherewontbeabudgetforabrandnewuniversesoitllbefilmedindetroit. No, BobWorld? Okay,okay, CogWorld it is then. 🙂

  5. You know, I often wonder what I would write if I was on LSD, or some mind-bending drug. Probably write a heart-warming novel of hope, redemption, and cuddles. Lots ,and, lots of cuddles, with nary a fuck anywhere. Well, maybe an orgasmic sneeze. 🙂

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