Miss Boring Died Today


My friend and colleague, Ada Ireland, posted this short story to her blog today. Seeing as my blog has so many visitors 😀 I thought I’d get the word out.

PS. Because a Post Script is also a Power Statement.

I’m planning on interviewing Ada, to get at the backstory on Miss Boring, and essentially just to harass and embarrass her. Watch this space, but go have a good giggle now. It’s a cute, funny, witty, and very clever story.

Yes, she paid me to say that, but not ‘click per view’, otherwise I’d go broke.


4 thoughts on “Miss Boring Died Today

  1. Hi Kim, thanks for coming by and especially for commenting. Ada’s really new to writing, not only in a public space but, y’know, in general. I think she only ‘learned her letters’ 6 months ago. 😀
    It’s a charming story and I hope she writes more.

  2. Thank you Kim and PD. Yes, I’m very new to writing. I’m still learning my letters actually. I’m up to “J” now. I chose the English alphabet over my own native language because it’s five letters shorter. I figured that would make me become a good writer faster. 🙂

    I’ll keep writing, of course. This is way too much fun. Plus, now I have my friend PD to kick me in the bottom when I get lazy, or to whine to when I get stuck. I’m feeling super lucky!!

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