Break My Heart Thoroughly.

Every now and then, if you’re very lucky, you come across something so exceptional that you want to scream, call the fire department, or climb a tower dressed as a clown.

There’s a new talent in town, and she’s a beauty. Ada Ireland, take a very well-deserved bow.

Read it and weep. Powerful, compelling, incisive, insightful, and all the other superlatives.


2 thoughts on “Break My Heart Thoroughly.

  1. Uhhh … can I take that poem back now? I’m kind of, sort of getting shy.
    I’ll tell you a secret first: I love that it touched you that much. I got very emotional reading and re-reading it also … and that’s not a joke.

  2. This poem is beautiful. No, you can’t take it back. I think I can write well when I feel like it, but I can’t recall writing beautifully. Not like this. It reminded me of every time someone wanted to treat my heart as if it were a toy; that breaking it didn’t really matter because you can always find another to play with. It mattered to me. Now that my puzzle is complete I can look at your words and see real beauty, insight, and human experience in them. I wish I wrote it. I’d be flashing it around the Internet more than a streaker at a football match.

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