“Oh, no. Not You Again!”

If this blog was sentient this is what it would be thinking. At least, this is the printable version of what it’d be thinking. I set this space up back in 2010 after the most brilliant community I was part of imploded in a shower of ‘couldn’t give a fuck’ by the administrator. My friends and I were digitally homeless as a result. Some went out into the stars, some went to fuckfacebook, others to sites that soon after followed in the footsteps of the dinosaur, and some came here. Within a year, we’d all stopped blogging.

I don’t know how committed I am to this. I’d like a place to park my earlier attempts at writing, and I don’t mind talking to myself. Maybe later I’ll record, for dubious posterity, how I came to be here. It’s a 16-year saga of fun, international co-operation, a lot of batshit craziness, and a hat tip to the authors, bloggers, and friends who’ve inspired me.

Here we go. Again.


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